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Beach weddings - Tybee Island

About the Lighthouse
The islands lighthouse has large grounds perfect for the ceremony and the reception. You may also be married at the top of the lighthouse. The lighthouse even has an restored old Tybee Island Cottage on the premises which is devoted to weddings and receptions. Rain back-up is in the form of the assistant lighthouse keepers cottage which is one large room that can accommodate up to forty people. Restrooms and parking are on the premises.

We can provide the following
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- Minister (we provide ordained ministers from a major denomination in the US, e.g. Baptist, catholic etc.)
- Wedding Coordinators (experienced and professional)
- Wedding Certificate (see our instructions on how to get one... its simple)
- Floral needs (a guide to seasons and choices)
- Catering (popular menu choices)
- Reception Location (we have incredible rates with the best!)
- Musicians (from quartets to violinists)
- DJ's (cool DJ's that have wedding experience)
- Photographers ( a professional wedding photographer with a good camera and a real deal on pics)
- Wedding Rehearsal (with or without dinner)
- Limos, antique cars and other transportation (we have great choices)
- Wedding Arches, seating, tables and decorations

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for more information, questions and help.

Tybee Lighthouse Wedding
Ceremonies can be perfored at the top of the lighthouse...

Tybee Lighthouse Wedding
or in the grounds along with the reception, note the
wedding cottage to the left, an optional choice, the assistant
keepers cottage is in the foreground...

Tybee Lighthouse Wedding
or in the wedding cottage...

Tybee Lighthouse Wedding
or in a tent on the grounds...

Tybee Lighthouse Wedding
or on the beach by the lighthouse and have the reception at the lighthouse.

Wine and beer is allowed but is supplied through the lighthouse, in order to comply with their licensing restrictions. Weddings/ elopements are after 5pm although we may set up beforehand. The exception being the wedding cottage which is available all day. Access to the top of the lighthouse is subject to weather, high winds and lightning will close access.

The Weather

The weather is usually sunny, only getting chilly in January into the beginning of March. In fact it is often cloudy in Savannah whilst gorgeous on the island. August can have rain storms late afternoon, clearing up around sunset. July will be hot until late afternoon. Sunrises are over the ocean, sunsets over the island. The island has beautiful sunrises and sunsets, rainbows are most frequent in April and August. Take a look at our photography for sunrises/sunsets.

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Tybee Beach Wedding

The Sand Ceremony

A touching ceremony that symbolises the unity of two families coming together. Usually for the bride and groom only or can extend to their children or others. The sand is poured at the same time into a jar where the colors mix and join. We will provide the table, the sand in bidal colors, and the receptacles, and with the exception of the table you take this home with you as a momento of the day.

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