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Savannah Weddings

About us and the assistance we can offer you
Savannah Wedding Cooperative is owned and run a cooperative of wedding proffessionals who collectively have performed hundreds of weddings in Savannah. We formed the coop as we felt, with our experience we could beat the competition in integrity, value and quality.

The weddings and elopements you see on this site are all ones we have photographed and participated in the creation of. It is only a sample of our work. Because we are vendors that supply the cakes, flowers, tents etc etc you will find that we offer the best value, you are getting everything from the source. Plus we work with each and coordinate the wedding together, that way everyone is in sync with you.


Paula Deens Lady and Sons

Celebrity chef Paula Deen's Lady & Sons


B steet salon B Street Salon
B Street Salon - Voted #1 for the last nine years

Rum Runners

Savannah Tent Factory

Savannah Pedicab for Weddings

Some of the services we provide

- Minister (we provide ordained ministers from a major denomination in the US, e.g. Baptist, Catholic etc.)
- Wedding Coordinators (experienced and professional)
- Wedding Certificate (see our instructions on how to get one... its simple)
- Floral needs (a guide to seasons and choices)
- Catering (popular menu choices)
- Reception Location (we have incredible rates with the best!)
- Musicians (from quartets to violinists)
- DJ's (cool DJ's that have wedding experience)
- Photographers ( a professional wedding photographer with a good camera and a real deal on pics)
- Wedding Rehearsal (with or without dinner)
- Limos, antique cars and other transportation (we have great choices)
- Wedding Arches, seating, tables and decorations

Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings
Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings
Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings Savannah Weddings

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for more information, questions and help.